Liepaja Municipal Police

Liepaja Municipal Police is established in November 9th, 1990.

Main functions Liepaja Municipal Police:
– to maintain and ensure public order and safety,
– to prevent administrative violations and other violations of law,
– to detect administrative violations, search persons who have committed administrative violations,
– to apply administrative sanctions within its jurisdiction.

Liepaja Municipal Police departments:
– Administrative department,
– Civil Protection specialist,
– On-call department,
– Temporary detention rooms,
– Juvenile department,
– Transport Control department,
– Bicycle patrol.

In case of emergency call us +371 63420269 or visit us in 48 Jelgavas str., Liepaja, Latvia. For more information write to or

policijas_ekaIncreasing energy performance of a Liepaja Municipal Police office building and installing solar thermal collectors (Liepaja, Latvia)

Location of the building
Liepaja Municipal Police office building (Address: Jelgavas 48, Liepaja, Latvia)

Description of the building
The Liepaja Municipal Police office building is constructed in 1974. The building is exploited 24 hours per day. Reconstruction works were finished in spring 2011. In order to increase energy performance of building, the building envelope has been insulated (Wool insulation 15 cm. Windows and doors hasn’t been changed. The heat transfer coefficients U-1,4). In addition solar thermal collectors have been installed on a roof top of a building. The author of the project is „A Projekts” Ltd. and construction company „Kurzemes krāsas” Ltd. The house management is carried out by Liepaja Municipal Police.DSC_0250

Building parameters
The load bearing walls of this 2 floors high building are made of silicate bricks. The total floor space of the building is 991.9 m2.

Energy consumption (kWh/m2/y)
Specific energy consumption for heating and hot water:
– before refurbishment 105.1 kWh/m2/y in 2010;
– after refurbishment 39.8 kWh/m2 /y in 2012.

DSC_0257Heating, hot water, ventilation
Six solar thermal collectors (12 kW total capacity) are installed on a roof top of the building providing hot water supply. Collectors are also connected to the space heating supply system (centralized). In addition a controlled ventilation system with heat recovery has been installed in the basement of the building. Implementation of works was done under a supervision of an energy auditor. Data loggers for recording temperature, humidity and CO2 in the building have been installed. Personnel is trained on how to use and analyze the recorded data in order to ensure comfortable indoor climate.

The total costs of the projects comprise 50 579 LVL (71 967 EUR). The project was financed by the Climate change financial instrument (79%) and Liepaja municipality (21%). The estimated pay-back period is 3.5 years (calculated for the total investment).

Key aspects making this building a good practice example
– Considerable reduction of energy consumption for space heating.
– Utilizing renewable energy source for heating and hot water supply.
– The building received the award (second place) in the category “The most energy efficient public building in Latvia 2011” in the competition “The most energy efficient building in Latvia 2011” organized by the Ministry of Economics, Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development and the magazine „Latvijas Būvniecība”.